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Correspondence Directory
For Information on:
Academic Programs
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Dean Anita Olson Gustafson
School of Business
Interim Dean Julie Petherbridge
School of Engineering
Dean Laura Lackey
Tift College of Education
Dean Thomas Koballa
School of Music
Dean C. David Keith
College of Health Professions
Dean Lisa Lundquist
Other Offices
Academic Records and Transcripts
Office of the Registrar
Admissions and Transfers
Office of Admissions
Mr. Jim Cole, Director of Athletics
Alumni Services
Denominational Relations
Dr. Craig T. McMahan, University Minister
Fees and Business Matters
Dr. James S. Netherton,
Executive Vice President for Admin/Finance
Gifts and Bequests
Office of University Advancement
Housing/Residence Life
Mr. Jeff Takac, Director of Housing and Residence Life
Graduate Studies
Provost Office
Undergraduate Studies
Provost Office
Dr. Jeffrey Waldrop, Dean of University Libraries
Social Organizations/Greek Life
Campus Life
Student Financial Planning
Ms. Maria A. Hammett
Associate Vice President for Student Financial Planning
Student Affairs
Dr. Douglas R. Pearson
Vice President and Dean of Students