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Academic Policies and Procedures
Attendance is required for all scheduled classes, laboratory sessions, lectures, examinations, quizzes, and service-learning and clinical experiences. Because of the interactive and collaborative nature of professional education and rigor of the professional MAT Program, regular class attendance is essential for successful learning. Refer to the Athletic Training Policies and Procedures manual for further information regarding notification of absence, bereavement, and jury duty.
Standards of Performance
Each candidate for an MAT degree must secure credit, in the approved courses of the curriculum, totaling 70 credit hours. In securing this credit, each candidate must have a GPA of at least 3.00. All MAT courses require a minimum grade of “C”. Any course grade below “C” will not count toward degree requirements and is considered failing. Should a course be repeated, all grades received in that course are used in the computation of the GPA.
Grade Appeal Procedure
A student has the right to file an appeal if there is disagreement with the final grade that has been awarded in a course. Refer to the Academic Grievances and Appeals Policies and Procedures in the University Student Handbook.
Academic Progression
Master of Athletic Training academic progression is defined as:
A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00; successful completion of all first year professional courses; and passing the Year One comprehensive examination are required for entry into the second professional year.
A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00; successful completion of all first and second year professional courses; and passing the Year Two comprehensive examination are required in order to complete the academic obligations of the program.
A 3.00 cumulative GPA is required and must be maintained each semester in order to continue in the subsequent semester. If a student falls below a cumulative 3.00 GPA, s/he is placed on academic probation. Students will be permitted to continue in the program while on probation. Failure to achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.00 at the end of that semester will result in the student being removed from the program. A student may only be on academic probation one time.
Application for Graduation
Students who expect to qualify for graduation must file applications for graduation with the Registrar’s Office in the semester prior to completing degree requirements.