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Health, Immunizations, and CPR Certification
Students will complete the Student Record of Immunizations & Health Screening prior to matriculation in the program. If any series of immunizations are in progress (i.e. hepatitis B series), timely completion with notification to the Coordinator of Clinical Education is required. Annual tuberculosis and health screenings are required to continue in the integrated clinical education courses.
Students are responsible to keep track of due dates for annual physical examinations, future immunization requirements (i.e. tetanus boosters), and TB screenings. Appropriate planning for appointment times is required by the student to meet these requirements.
Any concerns related to safety of the immunizations or screenings related to your specific health issues (medical conditions, pregnancy, etc.) should be discussed with your personal physician. Failure to meet requirements due to these concerns may prohibit involvement in clinical courses, thus stopping progression within the program.
These situations will be handled on a case by case basis by the Coordinator of Clinical Education, the Director of the MAT Program, and in consultation with the College’s Director of Admissions and Student Affairs.
Influenza Vaccination
Students in the MAT Program receive an annual influenza vaccination during each fall semester. The CDC emphasizes to clinicians the urgency of vaccination for people who care for people at higher risk for influenza-related complications. The requirement is consistent with the CDC recommendation as during clinical experiences and internships, and service-learning, students are in contact with higher risk populations. Further, an increasing number of clinic sites require students to have this vaccination before starting the clinical rotation. Students who are allergic to the vaccination will need to have medical documentation of this and may be required to follow other procedures to prevent transmission.
CPR: American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers
Students must maintain certification in CPR throughout their matriculation in the program. No student will be allowed to participate in any clinical experience without being certified in Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers by the American Heart Association. The certification will be offered through the MAT Program during summer 1 and students will be responsible for the cost of the certification.
Health Insurance
All students enrolled at Mercer University are automatically enrolled in a student health insurance program each semester and the premium is billed to your account. Information about the insurance program can be found at ( If you have other health insurance, you may remove the premium fee by completing a waiver form through the above webpage. This waiver must be completed every semester to keep the premium from being billed to your account.