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Background Checks and Drug Screenings
Drug and background checks may be required for all MAT students as part of their participation in service-learning, clinical experiences, and clinical internships. Students will incur charges associated with the background and drug check(s). Once admitted to the program, students may be required to have a drug screen and background check prior to New Student Orientation. If either test is deemed positive by the verification company, the matter will be brought before the MAT Program Recruitment and Admissions Committee for review. The student’s acceptance could possibly be reversed and the student not allowed to matriculate based on the results of these evaluations. Neither the University nor the MAT Program will be held liable for a student’s failure to graduate or obtain a state license due to a positive criminal background check and/or failed drug screen. Repeat criminal background checks and drug screens may be required as determined by the MAT Program or clinical site. Future concerns related to background checks and drug screens will be handled per the program’s Policies and Procedures manual. The MAT Program will identify an acceptable verification company with a competitive rate for students to use prior to matriculation.