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Tier II Education Specialist in Educational Leadership
The Tier II specialist degree in Educational Leadership aligns with the conceptual framework of the college, The Transformational Leader, and is correlated with the latest state (Georgia Educational Leadership Standards) and national (Professional Standards for Educational Leadership) standards in educational leadership. The program is aligned to the Leader Keys Effectiveness System and the Georgia Leadership Standard Assessment. The degree program is designed for those who have completed the Tier I leadership certification or the equivalent (a valid GaPSC-issued Standard Professional or PL certificate in Educational Leadership) and are employed in a current leadership position. The 33 credit-hour program includes 750 clock hours of rigorous, performance-based clinical field experiences that provide significant opportunities for candidates to synthesize, practice, develop and apply the knowledge, skills and disposition identified in the standards. Upon completion of the program, and passing scores on the GACE content assessment, those holding L6 certification are eligible for all leadership positions at the building and district levels.
*Applicants holding Level 5 Educational Leadership certification, AND holding a Specialist degree or higher with level 6 certification in a field other than Educational Leadership can choose to pursue the Tier II program as a non-degree, certification-only option. The number of courses needed for the certification-only option for Tier II are determined after a departmental review of the graduate transcripts. The admission requirements, and certification outcomes, for the Tier Two, non-degree certification-only option are the same as the full Specialist degree (see below).
Program Goals
1. To prepare building-level and system–level educational leaders for Georgia’s schools. Research and experience indicate that principals and supervisors play a crucial role in the success of our schools. Genuine school improvement takes place in the local school or district setting. The opportunity to educate leaders who will give direction to public schools is significant and meaningful. Mercer University seeks to prepare dynamic building and system level leaders who will be transformational in the professional community.
2. To meet the growing demands for highly-skilled school leaders in Georgia. The need for highly skilled school leaders is critical for Georgia’s school systems.
3. To develop partnerships with public schools and agencies. Mercer University recognizes the importance of developing partnerships with other institutions and agencies to improve institutional and leadership development.
Admission Requirements
In order to be eligible for the Tier II, Ed.S. in Educational Leadership, applicants must meet specific requirements set by the Georgia PSC.
Note: Application materials will be considered by program faculty, who will then make decisions regarding acceptance. All College of Education programs adhere to a holistic review policy for admissions.
To be considered, applicants must:
1. Submit an online, complete, signed application for admission.
2. Have completed an approved Tier 1 Leadership certification program
3. Hold a master's (or higher) degree from a nationally accredited university.
4. Have completed at least 3 years of certificated school experience.
5. Submit official transcripts from ALL colleges/universities previously attended. Minimum graduate GPA is 3.0.
6. Applicants with a previous GPA below 3.0 may submit GRE scores or other standardized test scores as strong evidence of his or her ability to complete graduate coursework and internship requirements.
7. Submit a copy of current Georgia educator certificate (level 5 or higher).
8. Hold a school leadership position, as defined by the school system in accordance with the Georgia Professional Standards commission (must submit the Verification of Leadership position form).
9. Submit a current vita or résumé.
10. Submit three official letters of recommendation.
11. Submit a $30 application fee (waived for current Mercer students and Mercer graduates).
12. Submit a signed and dated narrative of career and academic goals.
13. Submit certificate of completion for GACE Ethics for Educational Leaders Assessment; not required if the student completed the GACE Ethics Assessment for their Tier I program.
Degree Requirements (33 semester hours)
The program requires 33 semester hours of coursework. Six credit hours of coursework will consist of a 550 clock hour internship that will occur during 2 16-week periods. 200 clock hours of field experiences are embedded within the remaining 27 credit hours of coursework through the completion of structured performance-based field-experience assignments supervised by the course instructor.
The following courses are needed for program completion:
Professional Studies
EDEL 703. The Principalship (3 hours)
EDEL 704. The Superintendency (3 hours)
EDEL 707. Cognition and Learning in Curriculum and Instruction (3 hours)
EDEL 708. Effective Human Resources Practices (3 hours)
EDEL 709. School Finance and Budgeting (3 hours)
EDEL 721. Theoretical and Empirical Foundations of Leadership (3 hours)
EDEL 722. School, Community and Society (3 hours)
EDEL 710. Facilitating Professional Learning and Development (3 hours)
EDEL 723. Strategies for Improving Low Performing Schools (3 hours)
EDEL 724. Performance-based Clinical Practice Internship I (3hours)
EDEL 725. Performance-based Clinical Practice Internship II (3hours)
Exit Criteria for the Performance-based Specialist in Education Degree in Educational Leadership
The exit criteria for the Tier II Ed.S. in Educational Leadership is successful completion of all required coursework, participation in all annual Leadership Academies while candidates are enrolled, and successful completion of the Chalk & Wire Portfolio. Candidates are also expected to take and pass the Ethics for Educational Leaders Assessment; Passing score on the GACE Educational Leadership content assessment if not previously met to qualify for the Tier I certificate; and earn a passing score on the Performance-based Assessment for School Leaders upon completion of the program.