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Tier I Master of Education in Educational Leadership (P-12)
The Tier I M.Ed. in Educational Leadership is designed to prepare candidates for entry-level leadership positions that include school level positions below the principal and district level positions that do not supervise principals. The program is based on standards developed by the Georgia Educational Leadership Standards and are aligned with the national Professional Standards for Educational Leadership and Leader Keys for Effectiveness System. The 30-hour program consists of clinical practice that includes 250 clock hours that provide significant opportunities for candidates to synthesize and apply the knowledge, and practice and develop the skills identified in the standards through meaningful field experiences cooperatively developed by the candidate, mentor, and faculty advisor. Upon completion of the program and posting passing scores on the GACE content assessment in Educational Leadership and on the Educational Leadership GACE Ethics Assessment, candidates will be eligible to apply for Level 5 certification in Educational Leadership.
*Those currently holding a Master’s degree or higher, and level 5 certification in any field other than Educational Leadership, can pursue the Tier One program as a non-degree, certification-only option. The number of courses needed for the certification-only option for Tier One are determined after a departmental review of the graduate transcripts. The admission requirements, and certification outcomes, for the Tier One, non-degree certification-only program are the same as the full Master’s degree (see below).
Admissions Requirements
To be considered for admission, applicants must submit an online, complete, signed application for admission, and:
1. Hold a bachelor’s degree from a nationally accredited university.
2. Hold valid Georgia certification as an educator in a teaching or service field at Level 4 or above (submission of teaching certificate required).
3. Submit official transcripts from ALL college/universities previously attended. Minimum undergraduate GPA is 2.5.
4. Submit two letters of recommendation.
5. Submit a $25.00 application fee (waived for current Mercer students and Mercer graduates).
6. Submit a signed and dated narrative of career and academic goals.
7. Submit certificate of completion for GACE Ethics for Educational Leaders Assessment.
8. Submit signed principal verification form.
9. Submit current copy of resume.
Degree Requirements (30 semester hours)
The program requires 30 semester hours of coursework. Six credit hours of coursework will consist of a 94 clock hour internship that will occur during a 16-week period. 156 clock hours of field experiences are embedded within the remaining 24 credit hours of coursework through the completion of structured field-based assignments supervised by the course instructor. The following courses are required for program completion:
EDEL 615. Leadership in Today’s Schools
EDEL 655. School Law and Ethics
EDEL 605. Leadership in Curriculum
EDEL 665. Leadership in Instructional Supervision
EDEL 635. Assessment and Evaluation
EDEL 625. Managing the School Environment
EDEL 695. Educational Research for School Leaders
EDEL 685. Technology for School Leaders
EDEL 637. Leadership Clinical Internship I
EDEL 638. Leadership Clinical Internship