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General Graduate Programs Policies
The purpose of the graduate programs in education is to prepare professional educators who will have a philosophy of growth and change based on reliable knowledge about the principles and practices of education. An additional objective is to educate teachers and educational leaders in the skills of research and to foster a disposition to initiate and promote basic and applied research. The College will provide courses to meet all program requirements within specified completion time from the time the student enrolls. The College is not under obligation to grant individualized study through directed/independent study courses or special topics research courses unless the College fails to schedule the course requirements within the time specified. The policies of the graduate program are under the review of the University Graduate Council.
The Graduate Program of the College of Education recognizes the importance of addressing technological advancements within society. Therefore, emphasis on the relevance of technological developments will be infused throughout courses in the graduate programs.
All course work within the College of Education reflects the faculty’s recognition of students with diverse and special needs. Mercer’s graduate programs are designed to prepare all teachers and educational leaders to plan appropriately for disabled, special needs, and other diverse populations.