MaconCatalog : Tift College of Education
Tift College of Education
Thomas R. Koballa, Jr., Dean/Professor
Jeffrey S. Hall, Associate Dean/Associate Professor
Robert Helfenbein, Associate Dean/Professor
Loleta Sartin, Associate Dean/Associate Professor
Mary Kay Bacallao, Joseph L. Balloun, Penny L. Elkins, Jianhua Feng, and Susan C. Malone, Professors
Sharon Murphy Augustine, Olivia Boggs, Lucy Bush, Sylvia Y. Cain, Sherah Betts Carr, Andrew L. Grunzke, Carol A. Isaac, Margie W. Jones, Sybil Anne Keesbury, Pamela A. Larde, Vicki L. Luther, Kelly Reffit, Wynnetta A. Scott-Simmons, Michelle Vaughn, and Jane West, Associate Professors
Karyn A. Allee-Herndon, Cynthia Anderson, Felicia Baiden, H. Justin Ballenger, Susan O. Cannon, Deana Ford, Melissa A. Jurkiewicz, Sara Luke, Robbie J. Marsh, Susan Morrissey, Leah Panther, Katherine Perrotta, Meenakshi Sharma, Elaine Thurmond, and N. Jean Walker, Assistant Professors
Judy Hames, Visisting Assistant Professor
Carlene Russell, Director of Candidate Program Progression and Certification Official
Rebecca Grunzke, edTPA Coordinator/Instructor
Kristin Doss, Director of Field Placement
Sheila Thompson, Instructor
Jan Johnson, Part-time Instructor
The Tift College of Education offers the Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary, the Master of Education degree in Higher Education Leadership and in Independent and Charter School Leadership, and the Specialist in Education in Educational Leadership on the Macon campus. Programs leading to certification are approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.