MaconCatalog : The School of Engineering : Master of Science in Engineering and Master of Science : Oral Thesis Defense
Oral Thesis Defense
Thesis-option graduate students must publicly present and defend their thesis. In the case of a classified or proprietary thesis, the audience may be restricted. Students are encouraged to work closely with their thesis advisors in scheduling this oral defense. Committee members must receive a copy of the written thesis at least 10 working days prior to the date of the defense. The director of graduate programs must be notified with the date, location, and time of the scheduled defense, and a research title and abstract for use in a public announcement.
A minimum of two hours should be scheduled for the defense. The first hour will entail a public presentation of the thesis by the graduate student with a brief question and answer session. This will be followed by a closed session consisting of the thesis committee and faculty members to discuss the technical merits of the thesis, and questions regarding the preparedness of the candidate regarding all coursework completed.
The thesis committee chair convenes, chairs, and conducts the thesis defense. The Chair records recommendations made by the committee members and debriefs the candidate following the defense. The committee will vote on the acceptability of the thesis and either approve or deny the candidate for graduation. Only the following choices are acceptable for the final recommendation:
1. Accept the thesis “as is” and recommend the candidate for graduation
2. Accept the thesis with revisions and recommend the candidate for graduation once the revisions are submitted
3. Deny the thesis