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Transfer and Transient Credit
Under certain circumstances, students may receive transfer credit for graduate-level courses taken elsewhere. The student must have his or her previous institution supply an official transcript to the Graduate Programs Office for this evaluation. Upon recommendation of the student’s graduate advisor and approval of the program director, transfer credit may be awarded for courses of acceptable quality which form a logical part of the student’s graduate program. Such credit will be limited to six semester hours, and may substitute for no more than two courses. Students enrolled in the Mercer School of Engineering graduate program who wish to attend graduate classes at another institution, and to transfer credit back to their graduate program here, should receive permission to take transient courses prior to enrolling at another institution. Otherwise, courses taken elsewhere may not count toward their Mercer degrees. Authority to take transient course work is granted through the dean’s office. The maximum number of transfer/transient credit may not exceed the University guidelines as specified in the “Graduate Studies” section of this Catalog.