MaconCatalog : The School of Engineering : Master of Science in Engineering and Master of Science : Incomplete Grade Policy
Incomplete Grade Policy
The grade of IC (incomplete) means the student is passing the class but some relatively small part of the semester work remains incomplete because of illness or another valid compelling reason that is satisfactory to the instructor.
The student should request the instructor to provide a written statement of work to be completed and the deadline by which it is due. Irrespective of the student’s enrollment status, the grade of IC will be valid for one calendar year in normal lecture or laboratory courses and in unstructured, independent study courses. Within this period, the student must complete the work or obtain an extension, approved by the instructor and chair of the department for the course, stating the reason for the request and the length of time needed. Normally, only one request for an extension for each grade of IC will be granted. If the work is not completed within one calendar year or by the deadline established in an extension, the IC grade will be changed to a grade of F.
Graduate degrees cannot be completed until all ABX and IC grades have been converted to a passing letter grade.