MaconCatalog : The Stetson-Hatcher School of Business : Evening and Online MBA Programs of Study : THE 30-HOUR MBA (Evening and Online)
THE 30-HOUR MBA (Evening and Online)
This 30-hour MBA includes 27 hours of required core and 3 hours of an elective(s) of choice.
BUS 601.
Global Managerial Economics
(3 hours)
BUS 602.
Human Capital Management
(3 hours)
BUS 603.
Accounting for Managers
(3 hours)
BUS 605.
Marketing Decision Making
(3 hours)
BUS 609.
Financial Decision Making
(3 hours)
BUS 613.
Ethical Leadership
(3 hours)
BUS 604.
Legal Environment of Business
(3 hours)*
BUS 606.
Decision Making and Decision Analytics
(3 hours)
BUS 611.
Supply Chain and Logistics Management
(3 hours)
BUS 699.
(3 hours)**
BUS 6xx Elective §
§The elective course must be a 600 level or higher course offered by the Stetson-Hatcher School of Business.
*This requirement may also be met with one of the following courses:
BUS 681.
Legal Environment of Business and Management Law
(3 hours)
BUS 682.
Legal Environment of Business and Marketing Law
(3 hours)
BUS 683.
Legal Environment of Business and Finance Law
(3 hours)
BUS 684.
Legal Environment of Business and Healthcare Law
(3 hours)
**The Capstone course provides students with the opportunity to correlate, integrate, and apply the concepts and principles that have been learned in the MBA program. The course must be taken at Mercer after all other core courses have been successfully completed. It is usually taken as the final course in the MBA program.