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Graduate Course Load
Graduate students in the School of Engineering, the School of Business, the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing, the School of Music, the College of Professional Advancement, the Doctor of Philosophy Program in the College of Pharmacy, and the Master of Public Health Program in the College of Health Professions will be considered “full-time” for purposes of attendance and eligibility for financial aid, if they are enrolled for 9 credit hours in a semester (fall, spring, summer). Veterans should contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for the credit hour requirements for VA benefits and consult with the University’s Office of the Registrar for VA certification.
In the School of Medicine, students in the Master in Family Therapy program are considered full-time if they are enrolled for 6 credit hours per semester in particular years of the program.
Full-time status in other graduate programs is outlined in the corresponding catalogs. Full-time status does not fall below 5 credit hours per semester for any graduate program.