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Transfer and Transient Credit
Students may receive limited credit for graduate courses taken at another institution, either as transfer or transient credit. With Graduate Council approval, post-baccalaureate professional programs may accept up to 65% of the credit hours for the professional degree. Courses must have been completed at a post-baccalaureate degree granting institution accredited by a national or specialized accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and meet the minimum grade required by the Mercer University program accepting the transfer credit.
The number of hours accepted as transfer and transient credit varies by program, but in no instance may it exceed 25 percent of the credit hours required for the graduate degree. Credit for transfer or transient courses may be awarded under the following conditions:
1. The courses were taken at a graduate degree granting institution accredited by a national or, for professional programs, specialized accrediting body recognized by the US. Department of Education.
2. The courses were graduate level courses, applicable to a graduate degree.
3. The courses were taken in residence and not by correspondence.
4. Grades of at least B were received in the courses.
5. The courses may not have been completed more than five years prior to enrolling in graduate studies at Mercer.
6. The courses have not been applied for credit to a degree previously earned. (Exception: Up to 9 hours earned as part of an Ed.S. degree in Educational Leadership may be considered for application towards the Ph.D. in Educational Leadership.).
Individual colleges may have additional restrictions in regards to the acceptance of transfer credit, due to programmatic or professional criteria. Please refer to the college/program catalog section to identify these requirements.
If a student wishes to transfer credits earned at a foreign institution to his/her record at Mercer, the student must supply the Registrar's Office with an official copy (still sealed in the original envelope) of a credit evaluation from a reputable U.S. evaluation service (NACES or AACCRAO); the evaluation should include all of the credits that the student wishes to transfer to Mercer. Once the Registrar's Office receives an official evaluation, the student's foreign credits will be reviewed to see if they are eligible for transfer to the student's Mercer degree. Please note that the registrar makes the final decision when accepting credits from a foreign institution.