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Admission to Graduate Study
All persons who wish to enter one of the graduate programs at Mercer University must submit a formal application to the school which sponsors the desired degree program. Certain basic qualifications must be met for admission to graduate programs. All programs require that students hold a bachelor’s degree from a nationally accredited college or university with a specified minimum undergraduate grade point average. Graduate admissions tests appropriate to the particular academic program are usually required. Specific requirements for each graduate program are given with the description of that program.
International students must provide a complete record of all previous schooling. This must include a record of secondary schooling that shows the dates attended, grades achieved or examinations passed, and the student’s rank in class, if available. Official transcripts must be accompanied by a certified English translation. Three reference letters, preferably from instructors in the undergraduate school(s) attended, are required, along with a personal vita which should include all work experience, research study and experience, and professional development objectives. A statement of financial support must be obtained and submitted.
Proficiency in English must be established in one of the following ways:
1. Qualified students who present a score of 80 IBT (internet based TOEFL), 213 CBT (computer based TOEFL), or 550 PBT (paper based TOEFL)] or IELTS score of 6.5 or above will be admitted to the University. For students who desire additional language study after being admitted to the University, English Language Institute (ELI) short courses are available on the Atlanta campus in specific skill areas.
2. Qualified students who present a TOEFL score below 80 IBT (internet based TOEFL), 213 CBT (computer based TOEFL), or 550 PBT (paper based TOEFL)] or IELTS score of 6.5 or have no TOEFL score may be admitted conditionally, contingent upon their successful completion of the Mercer University English Language Institute (MUELI). With the permission of the student’s academic advisor, an ELI student may register for up to 6 credit hours while completing the upper levels of MUELI.