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Bachelor of Music with Elective Studies in an Outside Field
This degree is uniquely designed to allow a student to develop highly specialized technical skills and knowledge for an instrument or voice. Excellence as performers is the School's goal for students majoring in this degree. Students are held to a higher standard of technical ability, artistry, and difficulty. In addition, students pursuing this degree will choose an area of elective study outside of music. Various options include: Business, English, Art, Communication, Psychology, and Theatre.
Bachelor of Music with Elective Studies In An Outside Field
Major Area Minimums (60 credits)
Basic Musicianship and Performance (21 credits)
MUS 105. Music Theory I
3 credits
MUS 106. Music Theory II
3 credits
MUS 256. Music Theory III
4 credits
MUS 257. Music Theory IV
4 credits
MUS 111. Basic Musicianship
1 credit
MUS 112. Basic Musicianship
1 credit
MUS 254. Advanced Musicianship I
1 credit
MUS 255. Advanced Musicianship II
1 credit
MUS 359/350. Counterpoint or Orchestration
3 credits
History (9 credits)
MUS 201. Intro to Music History I
3 credits
MUS 202. Intro to Music History II
3 credits
choose one from:
MUS 402-403. Music History Seminar I-II
3 credits
Performance Studies (16 credits)
MUS 160-469. Private Studies
1-3 credits (8 min)
MUS 182/183/191/192/197. Major Ensembles
1 credit (8 min)
Conducting (2 credits)
MUS 340. Basic Conducting
2 credits
Keyboard Skills (0-2 credits)
MUS 109-210. Keyboard Lab I-II
0-2 credits
Music Electives (10-12 credits)
Total Major Area (Minimum) 60 credits
Elective Studies In An Outside Field (18 credits)
(In any single or closely-related discipline of the university, to be chosen by the student
in close consultation with advisor)
Business (including BUS, ECN, MGT, MKT)
Total 122-124 credits
General Education
The music student must take all of the courses in the School of Music General Education Program.
General Electives
1. Voice majors must take six hours of electives; wind, percussion and guitar majors must take nine hours of electives; string majors must take five hours of electives; keyboard majors must take twelve hours of electives. A maximum of 3 hours in a secondary applied performance area may count as an elective area of study. Credit for secondary applied areas will be given at the rate of 1 hour credit per semester for a half-hour lesson per week.
2. Voice majors are required to take a minimum of 6 hours of a second foreign language (French and German).
Additional Requirements
1. A minimum of 150 recitals must be attended in order to graduate.
2. The student must participate regularly in the Mercer Singers, Women’s Chamber Choir, Mercer University Choir, Mercer University Orchestra, Mercer University Wind Ensemble, or some other regularly organized performing ensemble in the area of specialization designated by the Dean.
3. The senior and junior recital is required. Students must research and write program notes for both recitals.
4. A special audition, held during the fall or spring jury of the freshman year, is required for admittance to this program.
5. Application for acceptance to this program is normally made by March 1 of the freshman year.