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Certification Program in P-12 Special Subjects
Mercer University degree-seeking students can add P-12 certification to majors in Music Education, French, and Spanish. Students must meet the requirements for a degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or School of Music in the relevant major and any additional courses required for certification. (Effective for the 2019-2020 academic year, no applications will be accepted for the certification minor in 6-12 secondary education. Please see the BSED in Secondary Education.)
Professional and Pedagogical Studies
29 hours
EDUC 220. Foundations of Education
EDUC 283. Fundamentals of Special Education
EDUC 356. Psychology & Development of the Adolescent Learner
EDUC 398. Fieldwork I
EDUC 399. Fieldwork II
EDUC 485. Professional Practicum
EDUC 406. Classroom Management for MLE and SEC
EDUC 492. Student Teaching
Content Studies
Varies by Major
Music Certification:
EDUC/MUS 157. Vocal Techniques
EDUC/MUS 215. Sophomore Practicum I
EDUC/MUS 216. Sophomore Practicum II
EDUC/MUS 370. The Elementary School Music Specialist
EDUC 474. Advanced Choral Methods OR EDUC 475. Advanced Instrumental Methods
Music Education major is fully described in the School of Music section of the catalog.
World Languages Certification:
FLL 467. Foreign Language Teaching Methodology I: Reading and Writing
FLL 470. Foreign Language Teaching Methodology II: Speaking and Listening
ENG 325. Contemporary Theories in Linguistics
Teacher certification in Foreign Language Education (P-12) is available to French and Spanish majors who successfully complete FLL 467, FLL 470, and ENG 325. Students planning to teach either French or Spanish in P-12 schools should notify their advisor and contact the Chair of Teacher Education in College of Education. Required courses in education include the following: EDUC 210, 220, 283, 356, 398, 399, 406, 485, and 492. Please consult the TIFT COLLEGE OF EDUCATION section of this catalog for more details.