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Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory Grading Option
Students seeking an undergraduate degree in the College of Education (regardless of grade average or year at Mercer) are permitted to take a maximum of two courses (6 credit hours) per academic year on a satisfactory-unsatisfactory basis, in addition to those courses graded on a non-optional satisfactory-unsatisfactory basis, with the following restrictions:
1. From the list of general education requirements that are applicable to a student's undergraduate major, area of concentration, or minor, a student may take not more than 6 credit hours on an S/U basis.
2. When registering for courses, the student must designate the satisfactory-unsatisfactory grading option. The option cannot be changed once the session begins.
3. Courses originally taken on a letter grade basis may not be repeated on a satisfactory-unsatisfactory basis.
Each degree program may have more restrictive policies concerning courses graded on a satisfactory-unsatisfactory basis; such restrictions are included in the information concerning each major.
A grade of S earns credit hours but does not affect the grade point average; a grade of U does not earn credit hours nor does it affect grade point average.