MaconCatalog : Tift College of Education : Goals
The College of Education will:
1. Reflect an understanding of education as a broad and lifelong process undergirded by the tradition of liberal learning.
2. Provide and promote academic programs that will respond effectively to geographic, professional, and cultural communities.
3. Cultivate a community of learning characterized by tolerance, compassion, mutual respect, and personal, social, and environmental responsibility.
4. Provide an academic environment that enhances the ability and faculty to synthesize theory and practice.
5. Develop a knowledge base and skills that enable students to interact effectively in a diverse, technologically-complex society.
6. Create an environment for the development of critical thinking skills.
7. Create an environment that encourages consideration of viewpoints other than one's own, including viewpoints associated with other cultures and traditions.
8. Fosters commitment to live as an engaged and informed citizen.
9. Fosters reflection on one's life and learning experience.
10. Encourage respect for intellectual and religious freedom.