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IDM Courses
IDM 288. Introduction to Industrial Management and Manufacturing (0-3-1)
Prerequisite: sophomore standing.
An overview of the concepts important to industrial management and manufacturing. Topics include operations research, facility design, manufacturing, quality control, information systems, economic analysis, management concepts, and human factors. (Every year)
IDM 302. Industrial Management I (3-0-3)
Prerequisite: IDM 288.
Specific problems associated with managing a factory or industrial firm. Establishment of the organization, plant location, layout, facilities of production, employee’s work and wages, control of product quality and cost. (Occasionally)
IDM 355. Quality Management (3-0-3)
Prerequisite: C or better in EGR 252 or C or better in STA 126.
An investigation into the application of quantitative methods and human resources to improve all of the business processes and systems within an organization in order to provide superior customer value. Use of a disciplined approach which integrates fundamental management techniques, existing improvement efforts, and technical tools to achieve customer focus, total participation, and continual improvement over a wide range of applicability. (Every year)
IDM 404. Technical Management Case Studies (3-0-3)
Prerequisites: IDM 355, ISE 302, and ISE 370.
Systematic problem solving utilizing actual and theoretical cases involving engineering management in both production and service environments. Detailed oral and written presentations. (Every year)
IDM 407. Plant Development (3-0-3)
Prerequisite: IDM 302.
Plant design and layout procedures; materials handling analysis, equipment arrangements and line-balancing requirements. (Occasionally)
IDM 409. Manufacturing Scheduling and Control (3-0-3)
Prerequisite: IDM 407.
The design of scheduling systems for various levels of production to meet aggregate demand for products and services. Lecture and case studies. (Occasionally)
IDM 410. Safety Programs and Administration (3-0-3)
Prerequisite: junior standing.
Elements of administering a comprehensive hazards control program: management controls, hazard recognition, accident prevention, work environments and OSHA regulations. (Occasionally)
IDM 414. Industrial Safety (3-0-3)
Prerequisite: IDM 410.
Industrial safety management and administration including economic factors such as direct and indirect costs, workmen’s compensation, accident prevention. Survey of safety regulations and programs. (Occasionally)
IDM 470. Management Information Systems I (3-0-3)
Prerequisite: EGR 126 or IST 220; or CSC125, ACC205, MKT 361, and MGT 363.
Analysis and synthesis of computer-based information systems emphasizing a management approach. Planning, development, implementation, operation, evaluation, and control phases of the MIS life cycle. (Occasionally)
IDM 480. Introduction to Senior Design (0-1-0)
Prerequisites/Co-requisites: TCO341, IDM 355, ISE 302, and ISE 370.
Course will provide guidance for the selection of team members and topic for the senior design project to be completed in IDM 487 and IDM 488. To successfully complete the course, a student must belong to a team (3 to 4 persons) and briefly outline the project goals to be implemented in IDM 487 and IDM 488. A seminar series will be conducted to facilitate student introduction to potential industrial clients and projects. Seminar attendance is required to obtain a satisfactory course grade. This course is graded S/U. (Every semester)
IDM 487. Senior Design Exhibit I (0-6-2)
Prerequisites: TCO 341, IDM 355, IDM 480, ISE 302, and ISE 370. Must have completed all required 100- and 200-level engineering, mathematics, chemistry and physics courses. If approved by department chair and course instructor, a waiver may be granted for one of the IDM or ISE prefixed prerequisites or co-requisites, provided that the course to be waived does not provide content essential to the successful completion of the capstone project. No additional prerequisite waivers will be granted.
Project design of a manufacturing facility encompassing market analysis, budget development, plant requirements and layout, production equipment, and work-force analysis. Oral and written presentations. (Every semester)
IDM 488. Senior Design Exhibit II (0-6-2)
Prerequisite: IDM 487.
Continuation of IDM 487 with project design of a manufacturing facility encompassing market analysis, budget development, plant requirements and layout, production equipment, and work-force analysis. Oral and written presentations. (Every semester)
SPECIAL COURSES: IDM 491, 492, 493, 498, 499 for variable credit. May be repeated for credit with permission of advisor and the Chair of the Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management Department.
IDM 491-492-493. Special Topics (1-4 hours)
IDM 498. Professional Seminar (1-4 hours)
IDM 499. Independent Study (1-4 hours)