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Industrial Management
Today’s business world requires managers who are knowledgeable of and comfortable with technology. This is true not only in manufacturing but also in service industries such as banking, hospital management, and a host of others that are increasingly turning toward the use of the computer and other tools to manage.
To meet these needs the School of Engineering in cooperation with the School of Business and the Department of Psychology of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has designed the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Industrial Management degree program. The program produces graduates who are skilled in traditional managerial disciplines such as accounting and finance and, in addition, are adept at applying a number of engineering tools to management decisions. This program appeals to students who demonstrate a strong technical aptitude and who possess a high degree of interest in developing business and people skills. These students also prefer more emphasis on quantitative approaches than is generally found in a business program. Graduates of this program often pursue advanced degrees, primarily obtaining MBAs.
The main areas of emphasis in the program are: psychology, quantitative methods of management, economics, accounting, and management information systems. This basic foundation will allow the graduate to advance successfully through the ranks of management in any company that is technology driven.