MaconCatalog : The School of Engineering : Mechanical Specialization : Academic Requirements
Academic Requirements
The student choosing the mechanical specialization must satisfy all of the retention, graduation, and academic requirements of the University and the School of Engineering. In addition, the student must achieve grades of C or better in EGR 232 (Statics/Solid Mechanics), EGR 235 (Thermodynamics) and EGR 236 (Dynamics). A student may not enroll or remain enrolled in a course for which one of these courses is a prerequisite without satisfying this requirement. Students must also maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 in courses with the MAE prefix. Mechanical specialization students must complete all required 200-level and 300-level MAE courses (except MAE 302) and all required 100 and 200 level engineering, mathematics, chemistry and physics courses before enrolling in Senior Design (MAE 487).