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Mechanical Specialization
Mechanical engineering involves the practical application of engineering science and design to areas as diverse as the generation, conversion, transmission, and use of thermal and mechanical energy; the production of tools, machines, and consumer products; the design and optimization of mechanical, thermodynamic, and fluid systems; and materials selection and processing. It is virtually impossible to name a manufactured product that has not been touched in some way by a mechanical engineer. Research, design, production, operation, administration, and economics are functional aspects of mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers are responsible for the design and application of transportation systems, medical devices, automated manufacturing systems, robotics, power generation, cooling of electronic components, and automatic control systems. Within the broad scope of these systems, the mechanical engineer is concerned with a challenging and diverse array of design and development problems.
In modern society, mechanical engineers must extend their interest beyond the strictly technical aspects of their positions to include economic, safety, ethical, and environmental considerations. Today’s mechanical engineers must be creative problem solvers with a broad scope of capabilities-including the ability to communicate their ideas effectively.