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Electrical Specialization
The professional activities of electrical engineers directly affect the lives of most of the world’s population every day. They are responsible for the design and application of digital computers, design and development of telephone networks and communication systems, radio and television transmitters and receivers, automatic control systems, electric power generation and distribution systems, and a wide variety of other electrical and electronic systems. Within the broad scope of these systems, the electrical engineer is concerned with a challenging and diverse array of design and development problems, and is in fact functioning as a prime mover in the “high tech” age.
Electrical engineers design minuscule semiconductor integrated circuits which contain many thousands of elementary devices. They design systems for automatically controlling mechanical devices and a variety of processes. They are responsible for the design of satellite communication links as well as biomedical instrumentation for patient monitoring systems for hospitals and medical research. The development of the microprocessor has expanded the opportunities for electrical engineers to improve the design of familiar products since these devices are now incorporated into automobiles, consumer and office products, entertainment systems, communication systems and a vast variety of test and measurement instruments and machine tools.