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Mercer Engineering Entrepreneurship Education Program
The Mercer Engineering Entrepreneurship Education Program (MEEEP) provides innovative education that instills an action-oriented entrepreneurial mindset in engineering, science and technical undergraduates. All engineering students are introduced to entrepreneurship as part of their required freshman classes. After the freshman year students in MEEEP pursue the following courses:
MKT 361: Principle of Marketing
MGT 363: Principles of Management
MGT 427: Entrepreneurship
EGR 482: Engineering Innovation and Creativity
EGR 483: Entrepreneurship in Engineering Design
EGR 482 may be used as a technical elective with the approval of a student’s faculty advisor.
Students who complete all of the above may choose to link their senior design project with MEEEP by preparing an Entrepreneurial Business Plan subject to approval by the MEEEP Committee. Students who complete all MEEEP requirements are awarded a Certificate of Achievement in Engineering Entrepreneurship.