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Student Work Experiences
Students working toward degrees in engineering may qualify for work-learning experiences. Through industrial experience, students combine work in the classroom with practical experience in industry, business, or government. The School of Engineering encourages students to view the employment phases of the program, not as mere practice, but rather as a complementary part of the educational process. Through industrial opportunities, students experience practical application for at least one academic semester. While formally enrolled in a work experience, students are considered as being enrolled full-time.
In order to receive academic credit for work experience, students will submit periodic reports on their work experiences as related to their engineering studies. These reports will be evaluated by the students' employers and faculty advisors who will assign a grade at the end of each work period. Students who receive a satisfactory grade for three semesters (or three periods of work experience which include at least 400 hours on the job in each work period) will receive the Industrial Experience Certificate upon graduation.
Work assignments exist, or can be developed, in every area of study within the School of Engineering. Assignments are available nationwide. Through diversified types of employment, students acquire a wide range of experience in fields related to their specializations. The level of responsibility and expertise required for the job increases to match the student’s progress through the academic curriculum, thus assuring a stimulating, challenging employment situation. Salaries are established by individual employers, and increase as the student progresses academically.