MaconCatalog : The School of Engineering : Second Specializations, Majors and Minors
Second Specializations, Majors and Minors
Students who pursue the BSE degree may earn a second major or a minor in programs offered through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. A second major in business, through the School of Business, may be earned only by completing all of the requirements for a second degree, the B.B.A. degree, including the general education requirements. Minors for non-business students are offered in accounting, economics, and business administration by the School of Business. A student must officially declare the second major, degree, or minor, and follow proper University procedures, which call for fulfilling the specific course requirements for the second major, degree, or minor, plus additional requirements that may be arranged on an individual basis.
Students wishing to earn a second major or degree must request or seek a second advisor from that department, who will serve in addition to their primary engineering advisor. Engineering students may pursue two specializations simultaneously. To do this, a student must officially declare each specialization, be assigned an advisor from each specialization, and complete all the requirements of each specialization. Second specializations and minors will be noted on permanent records. Second specializations will be noted on diplomas.
Within the School of Engineering, minors are offered to all qualified university students in technical communication.