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Mercer Engineering Research Center
The Mercer Engineering Research Center, established by Mercer University in 1987, is closely affiliated with the School of Engineering with the mutual benefit of the two units through the conduct of research and development activities. The Mercer Engineering Research Center maintains a staff of research scientists, engineers, analysts and support personnel to conduct fundamental and applied research and development in engineering. The center provides advanced engineering and computational services, and disseminates the results through products and services delivered to the customer, publications, training courses and conferences. These activities are conducted with support and sponsorship of the federal government (civilian and military agencies), state and local governments and private, commercial, or philanthropic organizations and institutions. They include design, analysis, testing and other services relating to the support of the research and development activities.
MERC operates out of its research facility located in Warner Robins, Georgia and employs a core group of approximately 100 research engineers and scientists.