MaconCatalog : The Stetson-Hatcher School of Business : COURSES OF INSTRUCTION : MANAGEMENT (MGT)
MGT 250. CEO Leadership Series (1 hour)
This leadership seminar features lectures by and meetings with chief executive officers of local business and not-for-profit entities. Speakers will vary from year to year. Written reports are required. This course does not count toward any major or minor. (Occasionally)
MGT 363. Principles of Management (3 hours)
Prerequisite: earned 12 academic hours.
This course is an introduction to the critical management skills involved in planning, structuring, controlling, and leading an organization. It provides a framework for understanding issues involved in both managing and being managed. Students are introduced to the theory and practice for individual, group, and organizational influences on human behavior in relation to management in organizations. This course introduces students to specific topics such as leadership, motivation, job satisfaction, teamwork, organizational strategy, global management, innovation management, and human relations management. (Every semester)
MGT 382. Production/Operations Management (3 hours)
Prerequisites: MGT 363, MAT 133 and STA 126.
In this course, students will analyze production and service operation systems and their relationships with all other functions and activities in an organization. Deterministic and probabilistic models will be used to support decision making. (Occasionally)
MGT 420. Event Management (3 hours)
Prerequisites: MGT 363 and MKT 361.
This course addresses the lifecycle of an event and the preparations needed to ensure its success. An emphasis is placed on formal project management and professional event coordination. (Every year)
MGT 423. Organizational Behavior (3 hours)
Prerequisite: MGT 363.
This is an advanced course which builds upon the organizational behavior topics introduced in Principles of Management.  It enhances student’s managerial and organizational skills by developing a sound understanding of organizational behavior. The focus of this course is on acquiring in-depth knowledge and developing interpersonal skills through the study and application of theories and concepts related to individual, group, and organizational dynamics. Specific topics include organizational culture, organizational commitment, job performance, leadership, motivation, job satisfaction, personality, conflict management, stress, power, and team dynamics. (Every year)
MGT 424. Organization Theory (3 hours)
Prerequisite: MGT 363.
This course is a philosophical and sociological study of organizations. Particular attention will be given to various ways to make sense of organization theory from a historical perspective. Topics such as organizational structure, design, systems, materiality, technology, culture, power, knowledge, change, and innovation are approached from different theoretical perspectives. Students are encouraged to critically reflect about how these topics relate to organizational dynamics and development. (Occasionally)
MGT 427. Entrepreneurship (3 hours)
Prerequisites: MGT 363 and MKT 361.
An entrepreneur is someone who undertakes a venture, organizes it, raises capital to finance it, and assumes all or a major portion of the risk. This course typically covers profiles of entrepreneurs, means of going into business, venture opportunities, and the financial aspects of becoming an entrepreneur. Extensive case studies and projects are required. Each student also develops a business plan. (Every semester)
MGT 428. Leadership (3 hours)
Prerequisite: MGT 363.
This course presents a study of the theory and practice of leadership, particularly as it applies to concepts that deal with social interaction and interpersonal behavior and how the manager influences others through leadership. Examples of real and fictional leaders are discussed. (Every year)
MGT 429. Human Resource Management (3 hours)
Prerequisite: MGT 363; MGT 423 recommended.
This course provides a framework for studying the modern personnel function. The assumption will be made that the personnel/human resource department has the responsibility of developing the human resources of organizations. Topics covered include: recruitment, employee selection, training, performance appraisal, wage and salary administration, employee benefits, safety management, and collective bargaining. (Every year)
MGT 433. Labor-Management Relations (3 hours)
Prerequisite: MGT 363.
Examination of the historical development and current status of collective bargaining; identification of the role of the three actors (labor, management, and government) in the practice of collective bargaining; study of the impact of recent institutional, legislative, and economic developments on labor-management relations. (Atlanta Campus)
MGT 454. Seminar in Entrepreneurship (1 hour)
Prerequisite: MGT 363.
This course from our scholar in residence includes entrepreneurial guest speakers. Students will gain practical experience by learning from a varied array of experienced entrepreneur presenters. (Every fall)
MGT 467. Entrepreneurial Financial Management (3 hours)
Prerequisite: MGT 363
This course examines the process of financial forecasting for a new venture, effective financial management of an emerging business, and sources of financing. Topics include debt versus equity financing, ventue and angel capital, business evaluation, cash flow, pro-forma financial statement development, and exit strategies. (Every fall)
MGT 472. International Management and Marketing (3 hours)
(Cross-listed with MKT 472)
Prerequisites: MGT 363 and MKT 361.
The course provides the opportunity to study, at an advanced level, the major marketing and management issues and opportunities facing business managers in an international setting. Primary emphasis is on the study of developing and adjusting strategies, in light of home and host countries’ incentives and restrictions, to meet corporate objectives. Students may not receive credit for both MGT 472 and MKT 472. (Every year)
MGT 477. Special Topics in Management (Subtitle) (1-3 hours)
Prerequisites: junior or senior standing.
This course provides an intensive study of some significant topic in management that is not otherwise covered by the school’s course offerings. Topics will be chosen by faculty in consultation with students who register for the course. (As needed)
MGT 478. Research in Management (Subtitle) (1-3 hours)
Prerequisites: junior or senior standing and the consent of the instructor.
This is a research-oriented course focusing on an important topic in management that is not otherwise covered by the school’s offerings. The course features student research, independent study, and in depth discussions. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours. (As needed)
MGT 494. Honors Thesis (1 hour)
Prerequisite: admission to the honors program.
This course requires individual research leading to the completion of an honors thesis. Students admitted into the honors program register for one credit hour in each of three successive semesters (including summer). Only grades of satisfactory or unsatisfactory will be assigned. (As needed)
MGT 498. Strategic Management and Business Policy (3 hours)
Prerequisites: ACC 204, ACC 205, BUS 346, ECN 150, ECN 151, FIN 362, MGT 363, MKT 361, and senior standing.
This course focuses on confronting the problems and challenges of business organizations from the point-of-view of the chief executive officer. Students will be required to provide written analyses of in-depth cases that require each student to view decisions in terms of their impact on the total organization. Oral discussion and conceptual skills are also stressed. (Every semester)