MaconCatalog : The Stetson-Hatcher School of Business : COURSES OF INSTRUCTION : ACCOUNTING (ACC)
ACC 204. Introductory Financial Accounting (3 hours)
NOTE: CSC 125 or INSY 102 is recommended prior to enrolling.
A study of the basic principles and concepts relating to the collection and summarization of accounting information and the understanding, preparation, and use of the income statement, the balance sheet, and the statement of cash flows. (Every semester)
ACC 205. Introductory Managerial Accounting (3 hours)
Prerequisite: ACC 204.
This course provides an introductory study of the preparation and use of internal accounting information for the planning and controlling of company activities. Topics covered include internal budgeting, cost allocation, and capital budgeting. (Every semester)
ACC 305. Gaining Accounting Experience (3 hours)
Prerequisites: Junior standing, and 9 or more credit hours in business.
This course is offered as an alternative to BUS 305 in course name only for accounting students. Accounting students successfully completing this course may include their accounting internship experience as one of the prerequisite courses needed for professional certification. To register and receive credit for ACC 305 the student must have an approved internship with accounting related duties. The course content and requirements are the same as BUS 305. Please view the course description of BUS 305 for additional information related to this course. ACC 305 may be repeated only with permission from the Office of the Associate Dean. (Every semester)
ACC 331. Intermediate Accounting I (4 hours)
Prerequisites: ACC 204 and 205.
This course presents a study of the theory and principles governing the collection and summarization of financial data for the preparation of the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. This course will focus on the construction of financial statements, issues involving revenue recognition, and accounting for cash, receivables, inventory, property, plant, equipment, and intangible assets. (Every fall)
ACC 332. Intermediate Accounting II (4 hours)
Prerequisite: ACC 331.
ACC 332 is a continuation of ACC 331.This course will address current and non-current liabilities, shareholder equity, dilutive securities and earnings per share, investments, GAAP treatment of income taxes, pensions, leases, accounting changes, and disclosure requirements. (Every spring)
ACC 341. Fraud Examination (3 hours)
Prerequisites: ACC 331 and BUS 346, or consent of the instructor.
The course will cover the principles and methodology of fraud detection and deterrence. Course content will include such topics as skimming, cash larceny, check tampering, register disbursement schemes, billing schemes, payroll and expense reimbursement schemes, non-cash misappropriations, corruption, accounting principles and fraud, fraudulent financial statements, and interviewing witnesses. (As needed)
ACC 375. Tax Accounting (3 hours)
Prerequisites: ACC 204 and 205.
This course is a study of the basic principles and concepts of federal income taxation of individuals. This includes brief coverage of federal taxation of the following business entities: sole proprietorships, partnerships and limited liability entities, C corporations, and S corporations. (Every fall)
ACC 377. Cost Accounting (3 hours)
Prerequisites: ACC 204 and 205.
This course is a study of the utilization of cost data in planning and controlling activities. Internal and external data are woven into the planning models. Specific areas of study are: process, job order, standard, functional relationships, and budgeting. (Every year)
ACC 411. Governmental and Not-For-Profit Accounting (3 hours)
Prerequisites: ACC 204, 205 and 331.
This course provides students the opportunity to study of the principles of fund accounting for, and financial reporting by, not-for-profit and governmental entities. (Every spring)
ACC 421. Accounting Information Systems (3 hours)
Prerequisite: ACC 331.
The course presents an introduction to the study of computer-based accounting systems with a primary focus on basic system documentation and design. Other topics covered include information system applications, internal controls and system security, auditing procedures related to the accounting system, and accounting system applications. (Every spring)
ACC 431. Auditing (3 hours)
Prerequisites: ACC 331; STA 126 or 320.
Corequisite: ACC 332 or consent of the instructor.
This course focuses on the objectives, standards, and procedures involved in examining and reporting on financial statements of business organizations by independent auditors. (Every fall)
ACC 436. Advanced Accounting (3 hours)
Prerequisites: ACC 331 and 332, or consent of the instructor.
The course represents a study of the theory and principles of accounting for pensions, accounting changes, leases, deferred taxes, business combinations, the preparation of consolidated financial statements, accounting for partnerships, and accounting for governmental and nonprofit organizations. (Online)
ACC 477. Special Topics in Accounting (Subtitle) (1-3 hours)
Prerequisites: junior or senior standing.
An intensive study of some significant topic in accounting that is not otherwise covered by the school’s course offerings. Topics will be chosen in consultation with students who register for the course. (As needed)
ACC 478. Research in Accounting (Subtitle) (1-3 hours)
Prerequisites: junior or senior standing and the consent of the instructor.
This is research-oriented course focusing on an important topic in accounting that is not otherwise covered by the school’s offerings. The course features student research, independent study, and discussion. (As needed)
ACC 494. Honors Thesis (1 hour)
Prerequisite: admission to the honors program.
Students enrolled in this class will engage in individual research leading to the completion of an honors thesis. Students admitted into the honors program register for one credit hour in each of three successive semesters (including summer). Only grades of satisfactory or unsatisfactory will be assigned. (As needed)