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Management (MGT)
Students seeking a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in management will be required to successfully complete the general education and business core curricula of SHSB. The first required management course for the major, MGT 363 (Principles of Management) is included in the business core curriculum. Beyond this, a total of 21 credit hours are required to complete a major in management. Specifically, students pursuing a major in management will be required to successfully complete the following courses:
Students may choose to major in Management. The five (5) required courses are:
1. MGT 423 Organizational Behavior or MGT 424 Organizational Theory
2. MGT 427 Entrepreneurship
3. MGT 428 Leadership
4. MGT 429 Human Resource Management
5. MGT 472 International Management & Marketing
In addition, students must complete two (2) additional courses, which may include 300-400 level Management (MGT), FIN 471 Mergers and Acquisitions, and/or additional courses as approved by academic advisor.
Minors in management are available to students pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. A minor in management consists of a total of 9 credit hours in management beyond MGT 363 and MGT 498.
Courses used for a student’s major may not be used toward this minor. This double-counting prohibition will not preclude a student from earning one of these minors under circumstances where his/her major requires that s/he broaden him/herself by taking a depth area, a minor, or professional-area electives over and above the courses required for his/her major.