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Accounting (ACC)
Mercer University offers rigorous and challenging studies in the area of accounting. Successful students are provided with a current treatment of accounting issues leaving them well prepared for graduate studies, and eventually, professional certification. Business students may choose to pursue a major or minor in the area of accounting.
The accounting major is a 20 hour major. Specifically, students pursuing a major in accounting will be required to successfully complete the following courses:
A. Accounting Core (17 credit hours)
1. Intermediate Accounting I
(ACC 331)
2. Intermediate Accounting II
(ACC 332)
3. Tax Accounting
(ACC 375)
4. Auditing
(ACC 431)
5. Two additional Accounting Electives numbered 300 or higher
Special Topics courses are independent studies in areas such as advanced auditing, advanced taxation, advanced managerial accounting, issues in international accounting, advanced theory, accounting research, and forensic accounting. No more than 3 credit hours can be earned in special topics or individualized research courses.
A minor in the area of accounting is available to students pursuing the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Requirements for a minor are Intermediate Accounting I (ACC 331), Intermediate Accounting II (ACC 332), and two other accounting electives numbered 300 or higher.
Courses used for a student’s major may not be used toward this minor. This double-counting prohibition will not preclude a student from earning one of these minors under circumstances where his/her major requires that s/he broaden him/herself by taking a depth area, a minor, or professional-area electives over and above the courses required for his/her major.