MaconCatalog : The Stetson-Hatcher School of Business : Experiential Learning
Experiential Learning
It is essential that business students gain experience outside of the classroom. All students are encouraged to have at least one internship, i.e., career focused experience as well as participate in any of our studies abroad or Mercer On Mission options.
Study Abroad Programs
The School of Business offers a variety of opportunities for students to study and intern abroad. Students may elect to go abroad for an entire semester at an approved institution. Mercer on Mission trips also provide an excellent opportunity to study and serve abroad.
The short-term Business Study Abroad program offers students an excellent opportunity to study different cultural and organizational perspectives. This international experience, which carries three (3) hours of credit (BUS 413) in International Business, includes lectures, case studies, research, and visits to various public and private sector organizations in foreign countries.
Academic Internships
Internships may be combined with coursework to be considered an academic internship, a three (3)-credit course (ACC 305 or BUS 305 or SBM 405) involving reflection, research, performance reporting and professional development exercises. An instructor, in collaboration with the employment sponsor, supervises academic internships.
Arrangements for internships are generally made in coordination with B-School Career Coach.