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SSBE Business Core Curriculum
In addition to studies in general education, business students are expected to complete core studies in the areas of business communications, mathematics, quantitative methods, information technology, and core business studies. Information related to the requirements in each of these areas appears below. Depending on the choice of courses and major area of study, students will be required to complete between 43 and 47 credit hours in fulfilling these requirements.
Business Communications (3 hours)
1. BUS 281
Business Communications
Mathematics (3-4 hours)
1. MAT 131
Functions and Graphs
2. MAT 133
3. MAT 191
**NOTES: MAT 191 is required of economics, finance, and risk management insurance majors only. All other majors need only one of the above math courses for 3 hours of math credit.
Quantitative Methods for Business (3 – 6 hours)
1. BUS 350
Business Quantitative Analysis OR
2. ECN 353**
Econometrics (Prereq: BUS 350)
**Economics, Finance, and Risk Management majors are required to complete both BUS 350 and ECN 353. All other majors must complete BUS 350 only.
Information Systems and Technology (6 hours)
1. Choose one: CSC 125 Introduction to Computer Systems OR IST 126 Introduction to Information Science and Technology
2. Choose one of the options below. Required technology prerequisites are listed in parentheses, when appropriate. Please note that other prerequisites may exist for these courses.
CSC 285 Advanced Excel (Prerequisite: CSC 125)
IST 220 Introduction to Databases (Prerequisite: CSC 125 or IST 126)
IST 349 Management Information Systems (Prerequisite: CSC 125)
ACC 421 Accounting Information Systems
Core Business Studies (24 hours)
1. ACC 204
Financial Accounting
2. ACC 205
Managerial Accounting
3. ECN 151
Principles of Macroeconomics
4. MGT 363
Principles of Management
5. MKT 361
Principles of Marketing
6. FIN 362
Principles of Finance
7. BUS 346
Legal Foundations of Business
8. MGT 498
Strategic Management (Capstone)
Curricular Exploratory and Experiential Components (minimum 4 hours)
1. UNV 101
The First Year Student Experience
2. Experiential Component-Must have one, but more are encouraged.
BUS 305, ACC 305, or SBM 405
Study Abroad (Semester-long or Faculty-led short term)
Mercer on Mission
3. BUS 482 - Business Education Assessment
*43-47 Credit Hours Required in the Core, including mathematics, communication, information technology.