MaconCatalog : The Stetson-Hatcher School of Business : Undergraduate Transfer and Equivalency Policy
Undergraduate Transfer and Equivalency Policy
The following policies concern academic credit transferred from other nationally accredited institutions of higher education and courses taken in other units and at other locations within the University.
1. Semester credits that are accepted for transfer into the University are calculated on a one-for-one basis. Each transferred quarter hour of credit is awarded 2/3 of a semester hour of credit. Credits taken in any school or college of the University are recognized in all other schools and colleges of the University.
2. Upper-division (300-level) credit will be granted for business courses taken at another nationally accredited four-year institution. Upper-division credit for the business core courses taken at a two-year institution can be obtained by:
a. Taking the CLEP test (if available) and earning a score in the 50th percentile or above, or,
b. Taking an upper division course (300- or 400-level) in the same discipline and passing with a grade of C or better. This would validate the lower-division course work, thereby satisfying the core requirement. Validation of the course does not reduce the number of upper-division hours needed to graduate.
c. Upper-division credit will be granted for BUS 346 taken at a two-year institution.
3. Transfer students entering SHSB with greater than 30 hour of collegiate credit (including AP credit, dual enrollment, and G.A.M.E.S. students) including one completed composition course will be granted transfer credit for INT 101.