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Deneen Senasi, Director/Associate Professor of English
The ability to articulate ideas and formulate arguments through writing is a cornerstone of academic development and a touchstone of higher education. Skill and effectiveness in writing are critical to life-long learning and integral to professional success and meaningful engagement throughout life—in career, in community, and in social and leisure activities. Students need to be able to write both for general and specialized audiences. Thus the ability to conceptualize and write with a clear sense of purpose must be developed. Writing Instruction is structured not only to provide training in how to write well to a variety of purposes, but also to insure that writing skills continue to be developed, practiced, and enhanced throughout the undergraduate experience.
INT 101, INT 201, GBK 101 and GBK 202 are all 4-hour Writing Instruction courses. A student must successfully complete INT 101 or GBK 101 with a grade of C or better prior to taking INT 201.
Each Writing Instruction course provides substantial instruction in writing and requires written work that builds upon students’ awareness of writing as a process of discovering and arranging ideas and acquiring knowledge. The three-course sequenced Writing Requirement provides for a developmentally appropriate process to move students from developing competency to demonstrating proficiency in writing by providing opportunities to practice and further develop the skills and strategies introduced in INT 101 or GBK 101. Written work, in each Writing Instruction course should work toward: the demonstration of students’ proficiency in critical thinking, argumentation, and writing to a purpose; proficiency in writing for a variety of audiences and in a variety of genres; and the practice of successful preparatory writing strategies and research methods through the use of both primary and secondary sources. Successful completion of the Writing Requirement, as specified in Foundational Studies, is a requirement for graduation.
WRT 490. Writing Preceptorship (3 hours)
Prerequisites: successful completion (B or better) of the INT or GBK course for which the student will be the preceptor and permission of the Writing Director.
Selected students will serve as preceptors in the 4-hour writing-instruction courses (INT 101-201, GBK 101-202), facilitating writing instruction in the classroom and providing constructive feedback on student writing in conjunction with the instructor. Preceptors attend all classes, read the assigned work, and participate in class discussions in the writing-instruction course to which they are assigned . WRT 490 also includes one hour of training per week, introducing preceptors to threshold concepts and best practices in writing to support their work with students and develop their own writing proficiency. May not be taken S/U. (Every semester)