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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers a number of courses in support of University-wide curricular and co-curricular programs. Many of these courses are offered in conjunction with other Mercer University units. The University Life (UNV) program is one of these. The course offerings for this program are coordinated jointly by the Associate Deans’ Office in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Office of Academic and Advising Services.
UNV 101. The First-Year Student Experience (1 hour)
Who can answer my questions? What resources are available? How can I get the most out of college? This course introduces students to the structure of higher education and specific Mercer University policies. Issues such as successful study skills, cultural diversity, critical thinking, ethics, personal relationships, health, safety, and careers are introduced and discussed. Required of all first-year students and transfer students who enter the University with less than 30 credit hours. To be taken in the first semester of enrollment; may not be repeated. Graded S/U. (Every year)
UNV 102. Academic and Vocational Design (1 hour)
Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
An examination of academic and major exploration with an emphasis on critical thinking, self-discovery and decision-making. This course is graded S/U. (Every year)
UNV 201. Preparing Peer Advisors for UNV 101 (2 hours)
Prerequisite: selection as Peer Advisor for UNV 101.
The purpose of this course is to prepare Peer Advisors (PA’s) to co-facilitate the UNV 101 course. UNV 101 is intended to assist new students in making more successful transitions to college. These students should better understand the value of a liberal arts education, identify campus support systems, develop better academic habits, and succeed intellectually, socially, and personally during their first year at Mercer. The PA’s work with instructors to plan weekly classes, attend all class sessions, facilitate class discussions and exercises, and provide insight determined by the topic at hand. Other duties may be determined by the UNV 101 instructor in consultation with the PA. Additionally, they will provide assistance and support to new students outside of the classroom, as necessary and appropriate, during the students’ first semester. This course is graded S/U and can be taken only once. (Every year)