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Margaret F. Symington, Chair/Professor of Mathematics
David G. Nelson, Professor of Mathematics
The Statistic minor and courses are offered by the Department of Mathematics.
Minor in Statistics
15 semester credit hours minimum
STA 126. Introductory Statistics
STA 227. Statistical Methods
STA 330. Applied Experimental Design
STA 340. Applied Regression Analysis
One course from:
BIO 421. Biostatistics and Morphology (Prerequisites: BIO 212 and 300, 301, or 302, or consent of instructor)
ECN 353. Introduction to Econometrics (Prerequisites: ECN 150, 151, STA 126 or MAT 320 and junior status or consent of instructor)
GHS 330. Epidemiology (Prerequisite: GHS 200)
MAT 320. Probability and Mathematical Statistics (Prerequisites: MAT 133, 191, and 192)
MKT 415. Marketing Research (Prerequisites: MKT 361 and STA 126)
POL 295. Introduction to Political Science Research (Prerequisite: POL 101, 200, or 253, or consent of instructor)
PSY 306. Research Methods and Statistics I (Prerequisites: PSY 101 and completion of the CLAS GenEd math requirement)
SOC 304.Introduction to Social Science Research Methods (Prerequisite: SOC 101 or CRJ 160)
STA 390. Topics in Mathematics (when the subtitle is statistics)
STA 126. Introductory Statistics (3 hours)
Introductory statistics including the collection of data, descriptive statistics, probability, and inference. Topics include sampling methods, experiments, numerical and graphical descriptive methods, correlation and regression, contingency tables, probability concepts and distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing for means and proportions. (Every semester)
STA 198. Special Introductory Topics in Statistics: (Subtitle) (1-4 hours)
Study of an introductory topic in Statistics not covered in any of the departmental offerings. Students must engage in projects or assignments requiring at least one contact hour, or equivalent, per week for every hour of credit. This course may be applied to the Statistics minor. (Occasionally)
STA 227. Statistical Methods (3 hours)
Prerequisite: STA 126.
Statistical distributions; one- and two-population tests about means, including t-tests and paired-difference tests; one- and two-population tests about the variance; contingency tables and goodness-of-fit tests; non-parametric tests; analysis of variance and simple experimental designs; linear regression and residual diagnostics. (Every other fall)
STA 330. Applied Experimental Design (3 hours)
Prerequisite: STA 126 or consent of instructor.
Constructing and analyzing statistical experimental designs; blocking, randomization, replication and interaction; complete and incomplete block designs; factorial experiments; repeated measures; confounding effects. (Every other spring)
STA 340. Applied Regression Analysis (3 hours)
Prerequisite: STA 126 or consent of instructor.
Applied methods in regression analysis. Topics include univariate linear regression, techniques of multiple regression and model building, ANOVA as regression analysis, analysis of covariance, model selection and diagnostic checking techniques, nonlinear regression, and logistic regression. (Every other spring)
STA 390. Topics in Statistics: (Subtitle) (3 hours)
Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
An intensive study of some significant topic in statistics, not otherwise covered in departmental offerings. May be repeated once when a different topic is covered. (Occasionally)