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Stephanie A. Mooring, Director of Academic Resource Center
The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers a number of courses in support of University-wide curricular and co-curricular programs. Many of these courses are offered in conjunction with other Mercer University units. The co-curricular Learning Skills (LSK) program is one of those. The course offerings for this program are coordinated by the Associate Deans’ Office in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Academic Resource Center.
Students interested in improving their college study skills or gaining leadership experience guiding other students in their attainment of college study skills are encouraged to enroll.
LSK 185-186. College Study Skills (1 hour each)
The purpose of these courses is to enable students to improve their college study skills. The courses are highly individualized, with topics such as time management, note taking, test taking, and improving concentration. The two courses may be taken in any sequence. Students taking a second course will continue to develop skills acquired the previous semester. Each course offers one hour of credit, may not be retaken for additional credit, and is graded S/U (Every semester)
LSK 187. College Success, Career Planning, and Life Skills for Athletes (1 hour)
The purpose of this course is to develop college athletes’ life skills so that they might create successful approaches to their academic, personal, career, social, and athletic commitments. Exercises on goal setting and selecting an academic major will be followed by career exploration and resume writing practice. Further activities will include personal and social exercises and guidance on NCAA compliance as a means to achieving athletic excellence. (Every year)
LSK 201. Preparing Supplemental Instruction Mentors for Leadership (1 hour)
Prerequisite: Selection as a Supplemental Instruction Mentor for the Supplemental Instruction Program.
The purpose of this course is to prepare Supplemental Instruction (SI) Mentors to guide junior SI Leaders in their roles. It will include instruction on how to conduct SI observations at SI sessions and to provide feedback on SI mentees’ performance. SI Mentors will also learn new SI strategies that they can apply in their own SI sessions and teach to the SI Leader mentees. Additionally, SI Mentors will contribute material to the team SI Leader training and will reflect on their experience in the course. Supplemental instruction is a program where peer leaders attend classes in which they have already succeeded and then conduct study sessions three times per week for students currently enrolled in the course. SI Leaders help students improve their study skills and process material in a group setting with a peer leader; help students both learn the material and learn how to study for exams; and reinforce the idea that serious study requires an ongoing inquiry. The SI Leaders model self-testing and time management. Just as SI Leaders serve as model students, SI Mentors serve as model SI Leaders. This course is graded S/U and can be taken only once. (Every year)