MaconCatalog : College of Liberal Arts and Sciences : ACADEMIC DEPARTMENTS : INTEGRATIVE STUDIES (INT)
Janell A. Johnson, Director/Associate Professor of Religion
Thomas L. Bullington, Lecturer
James May, Lecturer and Writer-in-Residence
Carl E. Findley, III, Senior Lecturer
Integrative Studies courses are a central component of Mercer’s commitment to transformational learning: they challenge students to understand, articulate, and address complex issues. Students take three courses organized developmentally around the themes of Understanding Self and Others, Building Community, and Engaging the World. These courses integrate the practical skills of reading, critical thinking, writing, and oral communication. They incorporate a diversity of topics from multiple perspectives. In this way, the INT program encourages and equips students to acknowledge the complexity of the world and to cultivate habits of inquiry and skills of reflection that are essential for being intentional learners who embrace differences and lead lives of purpose.
Entering students must enroll in INT 101 during their first year or in GBK 101 during their first semester of study. Transfer students with more than 30 hours of college credit and evidence of equivalent course work at another University may have this requirement waived by the CLAS Dean’s Office. Students are eligible to enroll in INT 201 after having obtained 24 hours of college credit and having successfully completed INT 101 (with a grade of C or better). Students must attempt INT 201 prior to obtaining 65 hours of college credit. INT 301 must be taken after a student has completed 50 hours of college credit and has successfully completed INT 201. INT 101 and GBK 101 may be repeated only during the sophomore year. INT courses are not eligible for the S/U grading option.
INT 101. Understanding Self and Others (4 hours)
Students will examine representations of the self and its relationship to others as imagined within the four domains of natural science, social science, humanities, and the arts. Students will explore and reflect on conceptions of selfhood, their relationships with others, the moral and ethical values that guide them, and the influences that shape the formation of identities. As a Writing Instruction course, substantial attention will be given to developing skills in writing. (Every semester)
INT 201. Building Community (4 hours)
Prerequisite: a grade of C or better in INT 101, GBK 101, EGR 107, or TCO 141.
Students will study issues of the public good and propose solutions for building and maintaining community. By examining works from multiple domains, students will explore and reflect on the complexity of contentious issues and the use of civil and effective communication. As a Writing Instruction course, substantial attention will be given to developing skills in writing. (Every semester)
INT 301. Engaging the World (3 hours)
Prerequisite: INT 201.
Students will examine the interconnectedness of global society and explore and develop responses to contemporary global challenges. They will develop a deeper understanding of their own perspectives on global issues by engaging a diverse range of international voices. Fulfills the Oral Communication requirement. Individual sections may be subtitled to reflect a particular focus. (Every semester)