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J. Fernando Palacios, Chair/Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Margaret Dee Bratcher, Professor
R. Scott Nash, Professor
Bryan J. Whitfield, Associate Professor
The Greek courses are offered by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.
NOTE: Students who place into, and successfully complete, GRK 251 or above will receive an additional 3 hours of credit toward graduation.
GRK 111-112. Beginning Greek I and II (3 hours each)
Prerequisite for GRK 112: completion of GRK 111, exemption from GRK 111, or consent of instructor.
Open to students with little or no previous instruction in Greek, this sequence enables students to attain a fundamental competency in Hellenistic Greek grammar and to build a basic Greek vocabulary drawn from the Greek New Testament. The courses focus on the mastery of fundamental elements of Greek grammar and vocabulary, the use of Greek language tools, and the translation of selected readings from the Greek New Testament. (Every year)
GRK 153S-253S-353S. Greek Studies Abroad (1-15 hours)
Prerequisites: GRK 111 for GRK 153S, GRK 112 for GER 253S, GRK 251 for GER 353S, or exemption from the listed prerequisite.
Study abroad with emphasis on one or more of the following areas: Greek language, literature, civilization, culture, history, and archaeology. Under the direction of a faculty member and/or an on-site supervisor, students must engage in projects or assignments requiring at least three on-site hours per week for every hour of credit. (Occasionally)
GRK 251. Intermediate Greek (3 hours)
Prerequisite: successful completion or exemption from GRK 111-112.
This course is designed to further students’ competency in Hellenistic Greek grammar and vocabulary through an intensive study of selected texts from the Greek New Testament. Attention will also be given to the history of the Greek language and to classical, Hellenistic, and Byzantine Greek culture and literature. (Occasionally)
GRK 385. Special Topics in Greek: (Subtitle) (3 hours)
Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
This course focuses on the translation of Greek texts, which may include selections from Homer, the Septuagint, the New Testament, Josephus, Philo, or Pausanias. May be repeated with a different topic. (Every year)