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Cynthia Gottshall, Director/Professor of Journalism and Media Studies
The Film Studies minor, offered by the Department of Journalism and Media Studies, is an interdisciplinary field of inquiry devoted to the analysis of cinema both as a unique art form in its own right and as a medium influenced and shaped by related fields such as literature and the visual arts. The goals of this program are to encourage serious consideration of film as texts, as an art form, and as popular culture; to explore film as a medium of communication; and to examine the power of film in shaping attitudes, values, and our understanding of society and the world. Film Studies is a discipline distinct from filmmaking, which focuses on skills of film production rather than film analysis. The interdisciplinary minor is an opportunity to pursue interpretations of the artistic, cultural, and intellectual importance of film. The curriculum begins with Introduction to Film Studies, offers courses in a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives, and culminates in a seminar involving research on a special topic in the study of film.
Minor in Film Studies
21 semester credit hours minimum
JMS 220. Introduction to Film Studies
JMS 225. Introduction to Non-Fiction Film
ENG 237. Literature and Film
JMS 405. Seminar in Film Studies
Three courses from:
ENG 382. Special Topics in Literature and Film
JMS 305. The Visual Story
JMS 315. Film Director
JMS 316. Film Genre
JMS 318. Queer Cinema
JMS 490. Special Topics in Journalism and Media
Or a course approved by the Director of the Film Studies Program in which film is the main object of study