MaconCatalog : College of Liberal Arts and Sciences : ACADEMIC DEPARTMENTS : EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING (EXP)
Experiential learning promotes an understanding of academic material through active participation and reflection. These experiences substantially improve the learning of class material, build valuable skills, and have a positive impact on the student and the larger community. Fulfillment of the Experiential Learning requirement must be approved and documented by a faculty or staff mentor, who will engage students in a reflection exercise that is appropriate to the discipline and nature of the experience. Upon successful completion of the experience (as defined by current guidelines adopted by the College) students will receive the appropriate EXP designation on their transcripts.
Students must fulfill the Experiential Learning requirement in at least one of the following ways:
EXP 401. Supervised Undergraduate Research (0 hours)
Students will independently or in teams, design and conduct a research project under the direction of appropriate faculty. This research should culminate in a final project that is appropriate for the discipline, as well as the nature and extent of the research. (Every semester)
EXP 402. Creative Activity in the Arts (0 hours)
Students will participate in the creative process through the completion of a faculty approved public performance or exhibition in art, music, drama, or creative writing. (Every semester)
EXP 403. Service-Learning (0 hours)
Students will complete a service experience connected to class material. Service-learning includes community service, community-based research, and advocacy experiences that reinforce course learning objectives. (Every semester)
EXP 404. Study Away Experience (0 hours)
Students will encounter different cultures or subcultures as they engage in appropriate coursework. These international or domestic experiential learning opportunities can take the form of faculty-led study away programs (spring break and summer terms) or long-term study away programs (semester or academic year). All study away experiences must be approved through the Office of International Programs and have the support of an academic advisor. (Every semester)
EXP 405. Mercer On Mission (0 hours)
Students will enroll in academic coursework and perform international service-learning projects at sites approved by the Mercer On Mission director. Students must be accepted in the program by the Mercer On Mission office. (Every summer)
EXP 406. Competitive Academic Teams (0 hours)
Students will participate in a faculty approved competitive academic team requiring research, reasoning and argumentation. Examples include Mercer Debate Society, Model Arab League, and Binary Bears. (Every semester)
EXP 407. Internship (0 hours)
Students will complete a faculty-approved internship, student teaching experience, or other equivalent opportunity working alongside professionals. (Every semester)
EXP 408. Student Mentors (0 hours)
Students will serve as mentors to younger students. Mentors will receive training for undertaking their responsibilities, fulfill their assigned responsibilities, and engage in formal reflection on their work. Examples include work as a writing or disciplinary preceptor, peer advisor, or supplementary instruction leader. (Every semester)
EXP 490. Special Project (0 hours)
Students will independently or in teams, design and implement a special project that possesses significant components of experiential learning not covered by EXP 401—407. Such projects might include, but are not limited to, ROTC activities, advanced student leadership (for instance, in The Cluster or Student Government Association) and volunteer work. Students and their faculty sponsor will work together to develop an appropriate project. Special projects require advance approval by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Engaged Learning Committee. (Every semester)