MaconCatalog : College of Liberal Arts and Sciences : ACADEMIC DEPARTMENTS : ETHICS, LEADERSHIP, AND SERVICE (ELS)
Paul A. Lewis, Director/Professor of Religion
Creighton Rosental, Professor of Philosophy
The minor in Ethics, Leadership, and Service integrates ethical theory with analysis of social problems. This program is designed for those with an interest in improving ethical understanding and moral discernment by engaging in real-life situations. Each student will chart a unique and personalized course through the minor that speaks to the student’s particular interests, experience, and coursework. Students will meet regularly with the Program Director, who will mentor students and help choose courses appropriate to their interests. The ELS minor is an interdisciplinary minor housed in the Department of Philosophy in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
Students who want to study this material but are not able to earn the ELS minor are encouraged to consider a certificate in Applied Social Justice (ASJ).
Minor in Ethics, Leadership, and Service
19 semester credit hours minimum
ELS 100. The Road to Responsibility
ELS 200. Service and Leadership Project
ELS 400. A Responsible Life
One course in introductory ethics:
PHI 194. Ethics in Practice
PHI 195. Introduction to Ethics
REL 230. Approaches to Christian Ethics
One course in social issues and topics:
AFR 210. Civil Rights and the Black American
BIO 381. Urban Ecosystems
COM 420. Discourse and Power 
COM/WGS 315. Gender and Communication 
HIS/WGS 377. American Women’s History 
JMS 365. Storytelling and Social Change 
JMS/AFR/WGS 310. Race, Gender, and Media 
PHI 235. Philosophy of Law
PHI/WGS 237. Gender, Philosophy, and Law
POL 349. Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties
POL/AFR 330. Race, Law, and Politics
POL/AFR 365. Environmental Politics and Policy
POL/WGS 314. Women in Developing Countries
POL/WGS 332. Women, Law, and Politics
REL 354. Death and Dying
REL/WGS 363. Women and Christianity
SOC 225. Social Movements
SOC 319. Social Class in the U.S.
SOC 325. Urban Ecology
SOC 360. Environmental Sociology
SOC 367. Law and Society
SOC/AFR 295. Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
SOC/WGS 312. Sociology of Gender and Sexuality
SOC/WGS/AFR 386. Race, Gender, and Crime
One course in service/leadership:
ANT 362. Anthropology and Activism
COM 220. Group Communication
COM 340. Organizational Communication
COM 360. Persuasion in Campaigns and Social Movements
ENG 390. Public Writing
GDS 215. Ethics and Moral Leadership
GDS 302. Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
GDS 306. NGOs, Aid, and Advocacy in Action
GDS 390. Community Assets and Needs Assessment
MGT 428. Leadership
POL 335. Congress and the Legislative Process
POL 339. The American Presidency
PSY 230. Social Psychology
REL 305. Old Testament Prophets
REL 310. Jesus
REL 315. Paul
One course that is part of a Mercer On Mission project, with permission of the program director.
One course in ethics:
BUS 346. Legal, Ethical, Regulatory Environment of Business
ECN 450. Economic and Moral Foundations of Capitalism
JMS 400. Media Ethics
LPP 344. Law, Public Policy, and Ethics
PHI 293. Bioethics
PHI 295. Topics in Applied Ethics
PHI 296. Environmental Ethics
PHI 297. Global Ethics
PHI 393. Advanced Topics in Ethics
REL 335. Christian Ethics in America
At least 6 credit hours must be in courses at the 300–400 level.
ELS 100. The Road to Responsibility (3 hours)
A gateway to the minor in ethics, leadership, and service, this course introduces students to ethical theory, elements of the moral life, service-learning, and leadership. The class will participate in a service-learning project and students can thereby fulfill their EXP requirement. (Every year)
ELS 200. Service and Leadership Project (1-3 hours)
Students will develop and/or join a service-learning project, either individually or in small groups, that relates to their interests and academic coursework. Students are expected to work a minimum of 3 hours per week, on average, for each credit hour. May be repeated twice for credit, but the number of credit hours must be approved each time by the program director. Graded S/U. (Every semester)
ELS 400. A Responsible Life (3 hours)
Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
A seminar in ethics, leadership, and service, this course asks students to synthesize insights from undergraduate courses in general and coursework in the minor in particular, in order to develop a plan for taking their place as responsible actors in society. (Occasionally)