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Fletcher Winston, Director/Associate Professor of Sociology
The minor in Environmental Studies includes courses from the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. These classes provide an inclusive program of study that deepens understanding of the natural environment and environmental problems and their solutions in local, national, and global contexts.
The minor in Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary minor housed in the Department of Sociology.
Minor in Environmental Studies
19 semester credit hours minimum
ENB 150. Introduction to Environmental Science
One Social Sciences course from:
ECN 452. Environmental Economics (prerequisite: ECN 150 and 151)
POL 365. Environmental Politics and Policy
SOC 325. Urban Ecology
SOC 360. Environmental Sociology
One Humanities and Global Studies course from:
COM 390. Environmental Communication
ENG 226. Writing the American Wilds
GDS 303. Resources, Climate Change and Development (prerequisite: GDS 200)
GDS 305. Sustainable Development (prerequisite: GDS 200)
GHS 320. Environmental Health (prerequisite: GHS 200)
PHI 296. Environmental Ethics
Three additional courses from those listed above