MaconCatalog : College of Liberal Arts and Sciences : ACADEMIC DEPARTMENTS : ENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGY (ENB)
Heather Bowman Cutway, Chair /Associate Professor of Biology
Linda Hensel, Professor
Michael K. Moore, Professor
The Department of Biology offers a minor in Environmental Biology. This program is interdisciplinary, using principles of biology, chemistry, and environmental science to explore the natural world and environment. Successful students will gain exposure to the interconnectedness of these natural sciences and obtain a breadth of knowledge that will permit them to make informed decisions about environmental issues.
Minor in Environmental Biology
22 semester credit hours minimum in ENB
BIO 211. Introduction to Biology
CHM 111. General Chemistry I
ENB 150. Introduction to Environmental Science
Three courses from:
BIO 315. Field Studies in Biology
BIO 370. Principles of Ecology
BIO 381. Urban Ecosystems
BIO 390 or BIO 490. Special Topics in Biology (if approved by the chair)
BIO 440. Aquatic Biology
BIO 480. Conservation Biology
An approved Mercer on Mission experience class numbered 300 or higher
MAT 133. Precalculus (may be exempted by achieving a specific score on the Math Index or Math Placement Test)
ENB 150. Introduction to Environmental Science (4 hours)
A study of the interrelationships of biological cycles and processes with the physical and geological cycles that drive terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the form and function of the natural environment, modifications placed on natural systems by human activities, and current strategies to minimize human impacts on natural systems. A laboratory/field trip course. (Every year)
ENB 198. Special Introductory Topics in Environmental Biology: (Subtitle) (1-4 hours)
Study of an introductory topic in Environmental Biology not covered in any of the departmental offerings. Students must engage in projects or assignments requiring at least one contact hour, or equivalent, per week for every hour of credit. This course may not be applied to the Environmental Biology minor. (Occasionally)