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Kathryn D. Kloepper, Director/Associate Professor of Chemistry
The Community Service and Leadership courses and related programs, including the Mercer Service Scholars, provide students with opportunities to serve, to connect with local and global communities, and to reflect on the service experience to better understand themselves, community needs, and their responsibility in advancing the common good.
CSL 199. Service Learning: (Subtitle) (1 hour)
Co-requisite: enrollment in a specially designated service-learning course section.
Students enrolled in specially designated service-learning sections commit to working at off-campus community-service sites. This work experience is tied to the learning objectives of the parent course and will entail additional academic work, as described by the course syllabus. Students receive one semester hour of credit, through CSL 199, for the additional academic work associated with three hours total (minimum one hour on site) of service-related work each week. The grade assigned for CLS 199 is the same grade assigned for the parent service-learning section. May be repeated with a different parent course, but total credits earned may not exceed three hours. (As needed)
CSL 200. Service Learning in Local Communities: (Subtitle) (1-3 hours)
A course on a significant topic impacting the local community that is not available through other curriculum offerings. The course may focus on a specific topic such as poverty, housing and urban renewal, sustainable food, or human trafficking in our local context and will employ a problem-solving approach to the subject. This course provides an understanding of practice and theory of service-learning, encouraging students to become active citizens now, as college students, not after graduation. Students will engage in local service-oriented activities beyond the classroom which may include community-based research, internships, fieldwork, and other community-based enterprises and projects. Topics will vary and will be announced in advance. May be taken more than once for a maximum of 6 hours of credit. Students are expected to work a minimum of 3 hours per week for each credit hour they receive. (Occasionally)
CSL 210. International Service-Learning: (Subtitle) (3 hours)
Designed for Mercer on Mission or other international service-learning experiences. The course will provide an introduction to the country where the service is being conducted, explore the topic of intercultural engagement, and introduce the principles of effective service-learning. May be taken multiple times for different international experiences. (Occasionally)
CSL 400. Practicum in Service-Learning (1-15 hours)
Prerequisite: CSL 200 or 210, or extensive service-learning coursework in the disciplines, with consent of CSL instructor.
This course offers students already familiar with community leadership and service the opportunity to pursue an independent service project, community-based research project, or internship under the supervision of a faculty member and community agency representative. Students must engage in projects or assignments requiring at least one contact hour, or equivalent, per week for every hour of credit. May be taken once. (Every year)