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J. Fernando Palacios, Chair/Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Chinese courses are offered by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures is affiliated with a study abroad program in China. The prerequisite is either successful completion of 112 or consent of department faculty. Students may earn up to 9 hours of credit.
NOTE: Students who place into, and successfully complete, CHN 251 or above will receive an additional 4 hours of credit toward graduation for the elementary sequence.
CHN 111-112. Beginning Chinese (Mandarin) I and II (4 hours each)
Prerequisite for CHN 112: completion of CHN 111, exemption from CHN 111, or consent of instructor.
Open to students with little or no previous instruction in Chinese, this course sequence enables students to attain a basic competency in the five language skills of listening, speaking, writing, reading, and culture. (Every year)
CHN 153S-253S-353S Chinese Studies Abroad (1-15 hours)
Prerequisites: CHN 111 for CHN 153S, CHN 112 for CHN 253S, CHN 252 for CHN 353S, or exemption from the listed prerequisite.
Study abroad with emphasis on one or more of the following areas: Chinese language, literature, civilization, culture, and history. Under the direction of a faculty member and/or an on-site supervisor, students must engage in projects or assignments requiring at least three on-site hours per week for every hour of credit. (Occasionally)
CHN 251-252. Intermediate Chinese (Mandarin) I and II (3 hours each)
Prerequisite: CHN 112 or exemption.
This sequence is designed to help students enhance their proficiency in the four language skills of listening, speaking, writing, and reading as well as their insights into Chinese culture. As compared to the Beginning sequence, grammatical constructions are more complex and more sophisticated in style. More Chinese characters are introduced. By the end of the Intermediate sequence, students will be able to communicate in real-life situations, such as going shopping, eating out, and traveling. The courses prepare students to comprehend and produce paragraph-level Chinese. (Every year)