MaconCatalog : College of Liberal Arts and Sciences : ACADEMIC DEPARTMENTS : APPLIED SOCIAL JUSTICE (ASJ)
Natalie J. Bourdon, Director/Associate Professor of Anthropology and Women’s and Gender Studies
A social justice perspective recognizes the inherent worth of each individual, regardless of one’s racial-ethnic, national, religious, gendered, or sexual identity. Advocates for social justice seek to end structural inequities and systemic discrimination and to recognize the lasting generational effects of these inequities. A Certificate in Applied Social Justice will expose students to a wide array of disciplinary approaches to social-justice work and engage students in supporting, working with, or designing an initiative for social justice.
The Certificate in Applied Social Justice is an interdisciplinary certificate housed in Women’s and Gender Studies.
Certificate in Applied Social Justice
11 semester credit hours minimum
ASJ 101. Engaging in Social Justice
Three additional courses, two of which must come from different disciplines, selected from:
AFR 210. Civil Rights and the Black American
COM/WGS 315. Gender and Communication
COM 360. Persuasion in Campaigns and Social Movements
COM 420. Discourse and Power
ENG/AFR 221. Prison Narratives
ENG 357. Southern Literature to 1900
ENG 358. Southern Literature since 1900
ENG/AFR 359. African American Literature: Beginnings to Harlem Renaissance
ENG/AFR 360. African American Literature: Harlem Renaissance to the Present
ENG 390. Public Writing
GDS 306. NGOs, Aid, and Advocacy in Action
JMS/AFR/WGS 310. Race, Gender, and Media
JMS/WGS 318. Queer Cinema
PHI 194. Ethics in Practice
PHI/WGS 237. Gender, Philosophy, and Law
PHI 293. Bioethics
PHI 295. Topics in Applied Ethics (with approval of the director)
PHI 296. Environmental Ethics
PHI/IGS 297. Global Ethics
POL/WGS 314. Women in Developing Countries
POL/AFR 330. Race, Law, and Politics
POL/WGS 332. Women, Law, and Politics
POL 349. Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties
REL 230. Approaches to Christian Ethics
REL 305. Old Testament Prophets
REL 320. New Testament Theology
REL 325. Contemporary Christian Theology
REL 335. Christian Ethics in America
REL/WGS 363. Women and Christianity
SOC 225. Social Movements
SOC/AFR 295. Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
SOC/WGS/AFR 386. Race, Gender, and Crime
50 hours of applied experience in one or more social-justice initiatives, accomplished through service-learning (EXP 403), internship (EXP 407), a special project (EXP 490), or another option approved by the Director
A 2.50 grade point average in courses taken to complete the Certificate
ASJ 101. Engaging in Social Justice (2 hours)
An introduction to interdisciplinary perspectives on social justice, considering how different disciplines define, think about, and engage in social-justice work. Students will gain an understanding of the ways in which we can promote a just society by challenging injustice and valuing diversity. (Every other year)