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Special Course Sections
The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences supports two types of instructional options that offer students opportunities for broader learning experiences: linked-course sections and service-learning sections.
Linked-course sections are pairs of courses for which students co-enroll and in which the instructors work together closely to emphasize interdisciplinary connections. This intentional curricular linkage requires that students co-register for both sections in a linked pair.
Service-learning sections are courses in which students commit to working at off-campus community-service sites in addition to completing the in-class course requirements. Through required co-registration in a service-learning course (SRV 199), students in service-learning sections earn semester hours of credit for their additional coursework commitment.
In a semester, certain sections of any College of Liberal Arts and Sciences courses might be designated as linked-course sections or as service-learning sections, at the option of the instructor. The specially designated sections will be identified in the course schedules, and students should be aware that these sections will deviate from the course descriptions in this catalog in ways consistent with their special designations.